Song of the Sea

A private client wished to create a new single storey extension and remodel their existing property to make better use to the space available to them. The location of the site, directly below an neighbouring property and directly above a fragile sea wall, compounded by limited access, required a carefully considered approach to ensure construction practicality whilst retaining value for money.

Redevelopment of the property resulted in demolishing the existing building back to its original outer walls. Our regular site attendance meant we were able to give first hand advice during the demolition process and as a result our client was able to reconfigure the existing building to a greater extent than envisaged at Planning stages. This left the our client free to construct a new first floor, roof and internal partitions to suit their wishes.

The structure of the new extension is predominately formed from reinforced concrete with the new retaining walls, slabs, columns and sun deck cast in-situ. The new extension bears on ‘mini-piles’, with masonry infill and timber cladding.

Project Scope
• New single storey extension.
• Complete remodelling of existing structure.
• Significant retaining structures, access and foundation requirements.
• Drainage & water management.

Rothwells Scope
• Structural Engineering
• Civil Engineering

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