Langford Sport Centre

The States of Jersey wished to create a new sports complex adjacent to a number of local schools to enhance their teaching of sporting activities.

The construction of the complex followed a traditional route, but embraced novel materials, particularly in the corrosive swimming pool environment. Local partner Rothwells were able to draw on the specialist knowledge & research of global firm Arup, enabling the use of stainless steel & glue laminated (glulam) components delivering an outstanding aesthetic within the pool area.

The remainder of the complex contained a number of stand-out features – such as cantilevering structures – which required careful design and attention to detail, resulting in details which were simple to construction whilst retaining the wow factor the Architect had envisaged.

The structure comprises steel and glulam timber frames with concrete floors and panels of masonry infill between the frames. The entire complex is founded on traditional strip footings.

Project Scope
• New sports complex, comprising; swimming pool, changing rooms and shower facilities, gym and dance studio.
• New car park, landscaping and drainage.

Rothwells Scope
• Civil Engineering
• Structural Engineering

Arup Scope
• Mechanical & Electrical Services
• Specialist Research
• Specialist Structural Design (Glulam construction)

Architecture PLB